Questions we get asked a lot.

Who is Johnson ?

Our neighbors Jack Russel

Why don't you add extras to the price ?

Just like you we have been stung many times by adds that say, "only $12 a day" car hire. When you add the peak season levy, the low insurance excess charge, delivery fee, after hours surcharge...blah..blah..blah it now costs you $99 a day + GST.

So just to change it up, we though ... HEY. Lets just advertise what it costs. 

A Novel idea right!

Why only Weekly rates ?

So we are a small business. we don't have a massive fleet of cars, we want to keep our prices REAL. 

We have found that one week or monthly rental is the best way to combine all of these factors and still offer you a great product and at a realistic price.

Important Information

What if I have an accident

If you are involved in any accident, weather it is on your own, with another car. Weather it is your fault or another drivers fault


Make your self and car safe from any further injury, damage.


Take photos of your car and the. other car

Swap details with the driver of the other car. Drivers licence, car registration.

CALL as soon as is practicable ! free call 1300 848 341

Do I pay anything if I have an accident?

When you hire the car we deduct 2 weeks rental as a Bond. 

This is held to cover cost of repair or excess with our insurance company in the unlikely event of an incident.

If the cost of repair exceeds the bond amount, we may deduct the balance of excess amount to cover the repairs.

This will be.

If you are at fault:-

Under 25 years of age $2,300

Over 25 years of age $1,600

If you are not at fault:-

Under 25 years of age $750

Over 25 years of age $500

So what if I want to rent for more or less than a month ?

That's fine.

As we are a small company, we specialize in long term rentals. We have priced our product accordingly.

Rates are charged in week blocks and rounded up to the next week of hire with a minimum of 4 weeks hire.


Hire for 24 days - rate is 4 x weeks rental

Hire for 32 days - rate is 6 X weeks rental

This still works out at a very competitive rate and you are a real winner of you intend to hire for a at least a month or for a number of months !

Where can I drive the car

Allowable area of operations is. Any sealed road between Townsville and Cooktown.

You cannot drive in following ares in Far North  Queensland:
(i) north of Chillagoe or west of Georgetown;
(ii) north of Cooktown or Laura;
(iii) on the Burke Development Road;
(iv) north of Maggieville;
(v) Unsealed Roads north and west of Mt Isa
(vi) on the Bloomfield track; or
(vii) on the Savannah Way; 

(viii) South of Townsville